screen repair

Screen Repair

Do you have any screens that have seen better days and need a new screening material installed?

We offer:

  • Fiberglass screening in either Gray or Charcoal
  • Aluminum screening
  • A Pet-D-Fence screening which is a very strong material that gaurds against cat scratches and dog clawing.
  • Solar Screening which blocks 79% of the sun’s solar rays to protect your home furnishings and keep heat out in the summer.
  • A variety of different grates which help protect screen damage from pets, children, and adults!
  • We do guards and doggy doors/cat doors.

paint matching

Paint Matching

Visit our paint center today and our experienced and friendly staff is always happy to help match or mix the perfect color for your next home project.

key cutting

Key Cutting

Broken or chipped set of keys? River Ridge Hardware has the tools and the experienced staff to quickly and affordably replace or repair your keys.

picture framing

Picture Framing

View our website here.